In 2018, one of CRBRA’s long-term strategic goals was achieved with the purchase of 10 Old Plank Rd, Clifton Park to serve as the association’s permanent headquarters. The building includes a historic brick church built in 1840, plus a two-story addition added in 1980. The two-story addition showed major potential for housing CRBRA’s office, meeting space and rental units for supplemental income.

Rendering of 10 Old Plank Rd remodeled

A rendering of the exterior improvements to the 1980’s building. The Church remains as is with its absolutely stunning arched stained glass windows, beautiful wood floors and soaring ceiling.

The purchase of the building marked the beginning of what was a nearly year-long renovation CRBRA members and staff refer to as Phase One. Talented and generous members donated countless hours of their time, an overwhelming amount of in-kind labor and supplies as well as significant monetary contributions to transform the addition into a beautiful, functional building.

Phase Two is a smaller scale campaign to update the rest of the building to match the quality of the Phase One projects. Every member can make a difference either by making a monetary donation to the All IN campaign or by volunteering time or materials for the Phase Two projects. Contributors will be recognized on the CRBRA ALL IN website, CRBRA.com, in Residential Building magazine, e-mails and more.

Can we count on you to go All IN for 2019?

Thank you to the dedicated volunteer members on the Building Admin and Scope of Work Committees.

Building Admin Committee: Michele Brown, Steven Stiansen, Luke Michaels & Jason Hover, Esq.

Scope of Work Committee: Paul Pipino, Gregg Biche, Billy DeOrazio, Steven Stiansen, Luke Michaels, Joel Sasko

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